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Certified Para-Professionals (Interveners)

An Intervener facilitates access to environmental information usually gained through vision and hearing, the development and/or use of receptive and expressive communication skills, develops and maintains a trusting, interactive relationship with the child who is deaf-blind that can promote social and emotional well-being.

The following websites provide additional information about Interveners

Interveners and Children Who are Deaf-Blind | Office of Special …

Intervener Resource Page (NCDB)

Intervener Resources, Videos and Recommendations (NCDB)

A Family’s Guide to Interveners
This booklet contains information about interveners and their role in supporting children with deafblindness.

IEP Team Discussion Guide
This guide will help IEP teams make informed decisions about whether intervener services are appropriate for a particular student.

The Intervener’s Motto | CA
This fact sheet describes how “do with, not for” might look in actual practice and may need to be adapted to fit specific individuals.

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