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PDFAssessments for Hearing Functioning of the Ear (CO)

Hearing assessments attempt to determine the degree of hearing loss (mild, moderate, profound), type of hearing loss (see below), and configuration of hearing loss (e.g., bilateral or loss in both ears, unilateral or loss in one ear, etc.).

Etiologies Related to Deafblindness (CO)

This is a list of syndromes and conditions that may cause a combined vision and hearing loss. Keep in mind, the majority of causes of deafblindness are still unknown.

Questions for Dentist (NV)

General Questions

Questions for Eye Doctor (NV)

An acuity of 20/200 means that a person sees something at 20 feet what an individual with “normal” eyes sees at 200 feet.

Questions for your Audiologist (NV)

• Behavioral Testing – Behavioral Audiome- try; Pure-Tone Audiometry or Pure-Tone Air Conduction Testing; Pure-Tone Bone Conduction Testing; Visual Reinforce- ment Audiometry (VRA); Conditioned Play Audiometry

Strategies for Minimizing the Risk of Sexual Abuse (CA)

The incidence of sexual abuse among persons with disabilities is staggeringly high, and yet abuse prevention is rarely addressed in school programs for these individuals.

Strategies for Successful Medical Dental Appointments for Individuals who are Deaf-Blind (CA)

Many individuals who are deaf-blind have medical needs that may require frequent medical appointments. These individuals also require regular dental care that may also be complicated by physical/health issues.

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