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Utilizing the Sense of Smell in Children and Youth with Deaf Blindness CA

Most of us have heard these kinds of stories. A child with significant visual and hearing impairments always becomes very upset when being taken into the hospital building even though he cannot possibly have seen and recognized the building nor understood, from spoken conversations, that he is being taken to a hospital.

Page Fluffers NV

Page fluffers are simple adaptations made to books or other reading material that make pages more accessible to turn. A “fluffer” is glued, taped, or clipped to the corner of each page.

Making Changes in Routines CA

Children with deaf-blindness, like others, frequently resist changes in their routines. They may be frightened, angry, or refuse to participate in the new activity.

Grasping Aids NV

For many children grasping is difficult or impossible. As a result, participation in a wide variety of play, daily living, and academic activities can be affected. Various grasping aids are available commercially or can be homemade to facilitate children’s involvement in activities.

Easy Adaptation Tips NV

This tip sheet provides inexpensive and easy to implement adapta- tions that can make activities easier for your child – at home or in the classroom. Some of the suggestions can be used in a wide variety of activities and other ideas are specific to certain routines or activities.

Developing Independence CO

The learner who has vision and hearing loss may need your help to explore the world through touch and movement.

Developing Hand Skills CO

This fact sheet addresses the issue of how to develop a successful, efficient and refined hand skill in students who are blind or visually impaired.

A Self Evaluation Guide for Assessing the Quality of Your Interactions with a Student who is Deaf-Blind CA

When working with a child who is deaf-blind, the quality of the interaction between you and the child is as important as the activity the two of you do together.

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