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Overview of Deafblindness NCDB

A person who is deaf-blind has a unique experience of the world. Learn the causes of deaf-blindness and the challenges it brings.

Appropriate Touch CA

Sometimes the enthusiastic attempts of children with deaf-blindness to begin introductions to and friendships with other people are seen as frightening if the touch is too rough.

Appropriate Touch (Spanish) CA
Aveces los intentos entusiásticos de niños sordos y con pérdida de la vista para comenzar a introducirlos y hacer amistades con otra gente son vistos con miedo como si el tocarles fuera muy tosco.

Developing Independence CA
The child who is deaf-blind needs your help to explore the world through touch and movement.

How to Interact with Individuals with Dual Sensory Loss CA

It is important to ask family or staff familiar with the individual with dual sensory impairments how the person likes to be approached.
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