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Assessment Guide for Young Children Who Are Deaf-blind (Design to Learn)
Authentic Assessment (NCDB)
Considerations When Assessing Children and Youth of Spanish Speaking Families (CA)

Communication Matrix

Authentic Assessment | NCDB

Accurate assessment of the educational abilities and needs of children who have complex disabilities that include hearing and vision loss, is essential. This publication describes a comprehensive approach toassessment known as authentic assessment.

Considerations When Assessing Spanish Speaking | CA

Recommendations to consider when conducting an assessment on a child or youth of a Spanish speaking family that does not fluently speak English.

Screening for Usher Syndrome | KSDE

This manual was written specifically to help school nurses conduct screenings for Usher syndrome, a genetic condition that involves deafness or hearing loss and the progressive loss of vision. It provides the step-by-step process of how to conduct a screening, the actual forms needed for a screening, and resources for referring students.

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